Elective Surgeries – It’s a Guy Thing

Cosmetic surgeries have long been stigmatized as treatments for only women, but this could not be farther from the truth. Procedures for men have become increasingly prevalent, and just as common as treatments for women. Since they’re becoming such a popular option for men, more and more treatments are being developed specifically for males. Men can receive benefits from these surgeries that they can’t get in any other way, making it an excellent choice for self-improvement. In fact, there are a handful of options available that can cater to any man’s specific needs, resulting in a huge popularity boost in cosmetic surgeries among men.

Perfect Your Physique

Many options for surgery will help men get the appearance they want while also improving their physical health. Options such as liposuction can be utilized on multiple parts of the body, reducing body fat and creating a more toned physique. Calf implants can give you the sculpted calves of your dreams, which may not otherwise be attainable. Pectoral implants are also available, which can help you achieve the masculine chest that is so highly desired.

Perfect Your Penis

Penis size and appearance can be a source of anxiety or insecurity for men. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. Penile enhancement is becoming one of the most popular procedures, and based on the results it’s no mystery as to why! Current treatment options offer penile lengthening, penile girth enhancement, or the P-Shot, which can improve stamina, sexual performance, and more. These benefits will have you feeling more confident than ever, and can only bring good things in the bedroom.

If you’d like to learn more about these treatments or others available, contact the Body Sculpting Center. Dr. Ethan Philpott at The Body Sculpting Center offers all of these treatments to residents of the Scottsdale, AZ and Phoenix, AZ area. They can be contacted at (602) 639-4338.

Cosmetic Enhancements – For Men, Too!

Men have it rough. We like to remain youthful just as women do, but don’t have the same opportunities and products to help us do so. Sometimes, the regular treatments of Touch of Gray and staying up to date with the newest technology trends aren’t enough to keep up the youthful façade. That’s why men are becoming increasingly interested in cosmetic solutions to aging. There are a variety of cosmetic treatments that can offer natural results, so it’s no wonder that more men are undergoing these treatments everyday.

Filler Up

A frequent treatment that men are interested in is injectable fillers. Treatments such as Botox or Juvederm offer this kind of treatment. The procedure injects naturally occurring substances into the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and creating voluminous, moisturized skin. These types of treatment can reverse signs of aging and even eliminate them, with effects lasting for months or years. These procedures don’t even require any recovery time and provide immediate results.

Care for your Hair

If balding or thinning hair is a concern, there are solutions for that, too! Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, can be used to effectively treat male pattern baldness. It uses the platelets in your own blood to target hair growth, so no artificial chemicals or substances are needed. This fast and safe treatment can be performed every few months and can restore your full head of hair. Or, if you have too much hair, laser hair removal is also a very popular option among men. Any unsightly body hair can become a thing of the past!

If you’d like to learn more about these treatments or others available for men, contact the Body Sculpting Center. The Body Sculpting Center offers all of these treatments to residents of the Scottsdale, AZ and Phoenix, AZ area. They can be contacted at (602) 639-4338.

Labiaplasty – What You Need To Know

Labiaplasty in Phoenix, AZMore and more women are considering labiaplasty – a procedure that addresses a large or irregularly shaped labia due to genetics, childbirth, or aging. The labia is the lip-like, inner folds that surround the vaginal opening. Typically, labiaplasty is performed for cosmetic reasons. Many women feel like their labia doesn’t look ‘normal.’ However, an enlarged labia can also cause pain and discomfort while wearing certain clothes or participating in athletic activities.

There are many variations of size, color, shape, and thickness of the vaginal tissues – most of which are perfectly normal. However, if you are experiencing pain, discomfort, embarrassment, or difficulty during sex, a labiaplasty can increase a woman’s self-esteem, comfort, and confidence. Many women report a more satisfying sexual life after a labiaplasty.

What to Expect During a Labiaplasty

During this quick, outpatient procedure, excess tissue is removed, and uneven edges are corrected. The result is a more symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Following surgery, you’ll maintain sensation and feeling in your labia. Most people return to work in about a week and can resume sexual activity in a few weeks. You’ll be prescribed antibiotics and a salt bath can help healing. You should wear tight garments during the day to avoid chafing and loose clothes at night.

Labiaplasty Results

The result of a labiaplasty is a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing labia. Typically, the size of the labia is reduced and will appear smaller.

The surgeons at The Body Sculpting Center would be happy to discuss your concerns about the size or shape of your labia and if a labiaplasty is right for you. If you are a resident of Scottsdale, Phoenix or one of the surrounding areas in Arizona, contact The Body Sculpting Center for more information about labia reduction (labiaplasty). Schedule a complimentary consultation either online or by calling 602-639-4338.

Get Holiday Ready Using Injectables

Though summer just ended, the holidays are right around the corner. We all want to look our best during the holidays as we reunite with friends and family we haven’t seen in a while. On top of that, often the stress of the holidays leaves us feeling tired and older. Let us at BodyNew MedSpa help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated just in time for the holidays.

Injectables prevent and reverse the signs of aging. Wrinkles, lines, and crows feet can be diminished around the eyes, mouth, forehead, etc. BodyNew MedSpa, the premiere medical spa of Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas in Arizona, offers the following injectables to its patients:

  • Xeomin® – An FDA-approved cosmetic injectable to diminish fine lines and wrinkles along with more pronounced worry and frown lines. Xeomin® leaves the skin smooth and rejuvenated.
  • Botox® – Injected directly into the facial muscle, Botox® smooths frown lines around the mouth, on the forehead, and below the nose. Botox® injections are an excellent way to battle the genetic and environmental factors that cause the skin to deteriorate and wrinkle.
  • Restylane® – Using hyaluronic acid, Restylane® injections typically last longer than Botox® and do not relax the muscle. Restylane® has been proven to smooth wrinkles and plump up portions of the face that have lost volume.
  • Radiesse® – Radiesse® reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in your face by stimulating collagen growth for several months after the initial injection.
  • Juvederm® – Juvederm® is a facial filler similar to Restylane® and Juvederm® that increases volume so that clients can reduce wrinkles and frown lines around the sensitive areas of their face.
  • Voluma™ – Voluma™ is the first FDA-approved injectable filler to treat age-related loss of skin volume in the cheeks and mid-face regions.

With fast results and minimal to no side effects, injectables are a great way to freshen up for the holidays. Injectables are a great alternative to surgery, which requires much longer recovery times. We recommend treatment a few weeks before you expect results to allow time for bruising or redness to subside and results to show.

Injectables in Phoenix, AZ


Body Contouring & Sculpting: Restore Your Youthful Appearance

Body contouring is an umbrella term used to define a surgery that tightens the muscles and improves the shape of certain areas of the body. Examples of body contouring procedures include liposuction, tummy tuck, and body lift. Patients who undergo these procedures are trying to reshape loose skin and muscles that are the result of changes in your body like multiple pregnancies or dramatic weight loss.

The Benefits of Body Contouring

The most noticeable benefit of body contouring is the physical transformation that is seen immediately after the procedure. However, this is not the only benefit. The other benefits of this procedure include:

  • The loss of excess skin increases physical comfort
  • Patients are more motivated to maintain their weight loss after the surgery
  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Improvement in quality of life

The Ideal Candidate for Body Contouring Surgery

While body contouring surgery may be an effective way to reshape areas of the body, it may not be for everyone. The ideal candidate for this procedure should meet the following criteria:

  • Has stabilized their weight
  • Show a willingness to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Have realistic goals and expectations
  • Must not have a medical condition that would affect healing or increase the risks associated with surgery

What to Expect After Body Contouring Surgery

The nature of your body contouring surgery will have an effect on your recovery period. You may want to limit your normal activities for a couple of weeks. During your office visit prior to the surgery, Dr. Borsand will give you post-operative care instructions. These instructions will help you during your recovery.

Following your surgery, you may experience swelling and discomfort. The first few days will be the worse. Dr. Borsand will prescribe medication to help alleviate the discomfort. The majority of swelling subsides within a couple of weeks. However, it will take months for the swelling to go completely away. The scars will gradually get lighter and flatten out. It takes anywhere from two months to two years for them to fade.

Why You Should Visit The Body Sculpting Center

The Body Sculpting Center welcomes both in and out of town patients.

The Body Sculpting Center is an accredited medical institution that has specialized in outpatient cosmetic procedures for more than 20 years. You will experience a courteous, friendly staff and a board certified surgeons who deliver high-quality results that meet the needs of their individual patients.

Complimentary consultation will allow you to explore the options of procedures that you will be able to discuss with the doctor to decide which surgery is ideal. It is Body Sculpting Center’s pride to treat and welcome patients to all the appointments. Patients are well educated and prepared for the procedure of their choice. This makes them less nervous and comfortable to proceed with surgery.

The Body Sculpting Center and the Outpatient Surgery Center of Scottsdale are in the same building. Patients conveniently are having their consultation, pre- operative appointment, laboratory tests, electrocardiogram (EKG), surgery and post operative care all in the same facility. All this have been done to provide an extra convenience for Body Sculpting Center patients.

Four Great Reasons to Get Botox® – Pay Close Attention to No. 3!

Botox in Phoenix, AZ

Attractive girl on the window sill

Plastic surgery this. Botox® that. Liposuction those. Reconstruct your nose and chin. Everyone is doing something it seems. Sometimes we look at celebrities and ask ourselves why. Why do celebrities choose Botox® or plastic surgery? Why do they alter themselves? We may never know the answers to those questions, but we all know how it feels to live in our own bodies. Confidence isn’t something everyone is born with.

Botox® is most-used to erase crow’s feet, laugh lines, and smile and frown lines. However, many patients rely on Botox® injections to treat migraines and prevent sweating under the arms. Injections are almost completely painless, they’re very convenient, and very popular in a variety of circles. I’m going to give you four great reasons to use Botox® to erase lines and wrinkles on your face.
1. It’s perfectly harmless. Botox® is administered in a small needle, so it is nearly painless. It settles into your skin and simply fills in fine lines and wrinkles.
2. It’s probably the least invasive and most convenient thing you can do to improve your appearance. You don’t have to go under the knife to reduce visible lines, lift your eyes, or achieve a more youthful appearance. Botox® injections accomplish all of those goals in a quick session every few months. Many people visit their cosmetic surgeon every four to seven months to have their Botox® injections redone.
3. You. That’s right, be selfish; do it for you. It doesn’t matter what other people think or say. If you are not comfortable in your own body, you absolutely must do something to change that. Confidence is sexy and attracts people to you. Self-confident people are more successful in relationships, their careers, and every other aspect of life. You owe it to yourself to be confident, no matter how you achieve that confidence.
4. Your overall health. Certain medical problems may be addressed with Botox®, such as uncontrollable blinking, cervical dystonia, crossed eyes, and migraine headaches. I’m not saying it is the end-all of medical issues, but it is absolutely worth a shot!

Before Botox®

You’re doing exactly what you should be doing if you’re reading this blog – research. Research a variety of doctors, read their reviews, read their blogs and ask others in your area. Never trust your face or your wellbeing to a doctor you haven’t thoroughly researched in advance.

Sometimes Botox® just isn’t for you, and I get that. Don’t push yourself into something you aren’t comfortable doing. You absolutely owe it to yourself to look and feel confident, but that doesn’t mean you need to do anything cosmetic. Weigh your options and decide the best course of action for your individual situation.

If you decide you do want to try Botox® in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area, please call, email, or come by the office. Your first consultation is free, and our doctors would love the opportunity to discuss your options with you.

The health benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck in Phoenix, AZ

Many people are getting body-altering surgeries such as tummy tucks, and most for vanity and cosmetic reasons. New research, however, indicates that there are actual health benefits from these types of procedures. Many patients find themselves more motivated to maintain their current weight after a surgery. Tummy tucks are often performed in tandem with bariatric surgery, which reduces the size of the stomach to reduce food intake and help patients lose weight.

A study in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery publication found that patients who have had some kind of contouring surgery such as a tummy tuck after their bariatric surgery are more likely to keep the weight off after procedures. They gained an average of 1 pound a year compared with 4 pounds a year for patients who had just bariatric surgery.

The cosmetic benefits are obvious, and now the health benefits are becoming better known too. It makes sense that a person who has had a procedure to contour their body and is now proud and happy with their new look will take further measures to ensure it stays that way.

Many scientists argue that tummy tucks are an essential part of bariatric surgery, as they reconstruct the stomach that is now smaller, rather than simply tightening it up. So if you’re thinking about getting a tummy tuck just remember – it might even be good for your health, as well as your waistline!

If you are a resident of Scottsdale, Phoenix or one of the surrounding areas in Arizona, contact The Body Sculpting Center for more information about tummy tucks.

10 Things to Do Before Your Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Phoenix, AZThe Body Sculpting Center offers breast augmentation to residents of Scottsdale, Phoenix and the surrounding areas in Arizona.

You can read loads of information on the Internet about Breast Augmentations and reductions and how to make your ultimate decision on whether to have the surgery. What you won’t find a lot of information on, however, is how to prepare once you’ve made the choice to have the surgery. Here is a list of 10 things you should do before your augmentation to speed up your recovery process and make things go smoother for you and your new body.

1. Get your house (or healing area) in order. Don’t have things lying around that you’ll feel tempted to clean or pick up while you’re healing. Pull down things in high cabinets before your surgery, as your arm mobility will be limited. You will rest easier knowing the laundry is done, and the carpet is vacuumed.

2. Have everything you might need close to your bed. This includes water, ChapStick®, tissues, TV remotes, cell phone, etc. You shouldn’t be getting up searching for the things that make you more comfortable.

3. Set up your bed or couch to allow you to rest at a 45-degree angle. This will help reduce swelling and bruising.

4. Fill your prescriptions before your surgery, or have someone fill them immediately following the surgery. You may need pain medication right away, and you don’t want to have to wait on the pharmacy.

5. Have gentle washes and lotions handy for showering. You usually won’t be able to shower for 1-2 days after surgery, but when you get the green light you will want to have soft and non-abrasive soaps and lotions that won’t irritate the skin.

6. Have child (and pet) care arranged. You cannot walk the dog or drive the kids to school following surgery. Make sure someone is able to do this for you.

7. Have meals prepared or someone at home to help cook!

8. Stock up on water, white grape juice, prune juice or canned peaches and avoid rice and bananas for easy bowel movement after pain meds.

9. Have ice packs ready! These decrease swelling and pain and your doctor will likely recommend 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, for a few days after surgery.

10. Lay out clothes that are easy to get on and off. These include button or zip ups, not something you’ll have to pull over your head.

If you are a resident of Scottsdale, Phoenix or one of the surrounding areas in Arizona, contact The Body Sculpting Center and the expert physicians for more information about breast augmentation. Schedule a complimentary consultation either online or by calling 602-639-4338.

Prepare for Summer with Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Phoenix, AZ

Spring is coming to a close, and summer is quickly approaching. That means bikini season will soon be upon us! Are you ready for an amazing summer of lying by the pool and enjoying the blistering hot heat? Let’s talk about hair removal options, specifically laser hair removal; because it’s permanent!

That’s right; laser hair reduction is permanent in about 90% of patients. I don’t mean permanent hair loss after a single treatment of course. Here’s what you can expect from laser hair removal treatments:

• Most patients see a 20-30% reduction of hair in the treated area after each treatment. Using that average, you can easily see how multiple visits are required. Some patients require anywhere between five and eight treatments.

• Light redness in the treated area. Remember, we’re using pulsed light lasers that produce heat to destroy the hair follicles in the treated area, so you will see a little redness. This will go away in a day or so.

• Smooth, healthy skin within just a few days. The hair in the treated area will simply begin to fall out and disappear.

No More Shaving or Waxing

Nothing is worse than razor burn or bumps in the bikini area! When you shave, the hair follicles become irritated, your skin begins to heal to cover the area where the hair poked through, and suddenly you have red bumps where you shaved for bikini season. Waxing has a very similar affect.

Shaving or waxing for the entire summer gets old. You end up with nicks and cuts from the razor, or some light burns if the wax is too hot. So many factors can get in the way of gorgeous, smooth skin. Laser hair removal doesn’t cause these issues because the heat penetrates your skin and destroys hair follicles. The hair cannot grow back to cause prickly legs or bumpy bikini area!

Laser Hair Removal Costs

Money is something that affects us all. The economy is very slow in most areas right now, so I completely understand that you would consider costs before committing to laser hair removal. Before you make your final decision, make a comparison chart. List the pros and cons of shaving or waxing vs. laser hair removal. Then calculate how much you spend each year on shaving or waxing products. I believe you’ll quickly discover that laser hair removal is much cheaper than throwing money away on razor blades or waxing kits for the next 15 years.

If you would like to discuss laser hair removal with one of our professionals at Body New Med Spa in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area, call, email, or contact us via our website. You can even just drop by the office, but we prefer to have a scheduled appointment with you so we can properly address your concerns. Your first consultation is free, so you’re under no obligation to purchase any products or commit to any procedures.

Silicone vs Saline

Cosmetic Surgery in Phoenix, AZAsking someone silicone or saline is sometimes like asking mayo or mustard? Some women don’t care, some women love both, and some have strong preferences towards one or the other (I vote mustard myself). Both are good on sandwiches and in many cases, they are interchangeable.

The difference in silicone and saline lies in the material and consistency of the implants. They both have an outer silicone shell. Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water. They are available to women over 18 for breast augmentation and women of any age for reconstruction.

Silicone implants are filled with a cohesive gel that is similar to the feel of human fat. Many women feel that silicone feels more natural than saline. They are available to women over 22 for breast augmentation and women of any age for reconstruction. Silicone implants usually cost a little more than saline.

The good news is that whether you prefer silicone or saline, (mustard or mayonnaise) both are safe and effective ways to enhance your breasts. Sometimes there are reasons your doctor will discuss with you to choose one over the other, but in many cases, the choice is up to you. Some of the reasons why doctor will use saline are if one breast is slightly larger than the other, saline can be filled a little more in one implant to compensate. Silicone implants come pre-filled and do not have this luxury. Saline implants can also deliver the very round fake look of breasts that some women seek for- this is obtained simply overfilling the salt water in the implant to create the look.

Keller System is for silicone implants and it is used to place the silicone implant through a small incision to the breast pocket. Think of a cake decorating device- the implant is placed from the wide opening and it is squeezed thru the incision.

If you are a resident of Scottsdale, Phoenix or one of the surrounding areas in Arizona, contact The Body Sculpting Center for more information about the Keller System for silicone implants or any questions regarding Breast Augmentation. Schedule a complimentary consultation either online or by calling 602-639-4338.

No Scar Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Phoenix, AZThe Body Sculpting Center offers no scar breast augmentation to residents of Scottsdale, Phoenix and the surrounding areas in Arizona.

The reason most women are hesitant about breast augmentation is because of the fear that their new chest won’t look natural – mainly that they will have scars that will be visible in either bathing suits or when they are topless.

Scars are sometimes worse than the small or large breasts a woman wishes to change, especially if they are large, noticeable, inflamed, or in conspicuous places.

But how are no scars possible?

The absence of scars is achieved by inserting a deflated saline breast implant through the belly button. Once it is placed in the chest, it is carefully inflated, leaving you with no scars, just a tiny incision inside the belly button that is barely visible. Other incision sites for no scar breast augmentations are beneath the breast in the folds of the skin, beneath the areola, or in the armpit. These are all places where scars are barely noticeable and heal naturally.

Patients with areola that are noticeably darker than the surrounding skin are the best candidates for no scar augmentation through the areola as the contrast in color helps to hide the scar. The areola is also naturally jagged and rough around the edges so a scar blends in nicely. This is also a good approach for patients with large or sagging breasts, as they do not make good candidates for an incision in the armpit.

Both saline and silicone implants can be used in the no scar approach to breast augmentation.

If you are a resident of Scottsdale, Phoenix or one of the surrounding areas in Arizona, contact Dr. Borsand and The Body Sculpting Center for more information about no scar breast augmentation. Schedule a complimentary consultation either online or by calling 602-639-4338.

An Interview with Dr. Marvin A. Borsand

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZQuestion 1: What are your most common procedures?

Answer: Breast surgery has been the most common since the Breast Surgical Center was our founding program in the valley and that expanded to The Body Sculpting Center in 1995, so today along with breast surgery, abdominoplasty, and liposuction are the second and third most common.

Question 2: What are your favorite procedures and why?

Answer: Since I have really been a breast surgeon for a long time, I would say that doing breast augmentation has been my favorite procedure. I have done approximately 8,000 of augmentations along with breast lifts. It is an enjoyable challenge.

Question 3: What do you like best about being a cosmetic surgeon?

Answer: The reason I chose surgery as a profession initially, is that you do a procedure and the patient is well and most individuals are not having chronic long-term issues. You see your results immediately, whether that is removing an appendix that is many, many years ago or today doing an abdominoplasty along with perhaps a Mommy Makeover of the breast as well is a dramatic change. Most of these individuals make a fairly rapid recovery and when they come back in their four to six month visit where they discuss all of their lives have changed has been extremely satisfying.

Question 4: What are your thoughts on saline versus silicone?

Answer: In our practice, what I would like to do is give our patients the pros and cons of each. Since our profit stays the same whether we use either one, I feel that I am giving the most up-to-date information, so they can make an informed decision. Since you cannot see typically the difference between them physically, it really gets down to feel and those that want a very much a softer feel would generally go with a silicone and those that want a firmer feel would generally go with saline. As far as my personal preference since I would like to do very small scar incisions and I enjoy going transumbilical or through the belly button, silicone does not allow us to offer that incision to patients.

Question 5: What made you want to become a cosmetic surgeon?

Answer: For me, it was an evolution. I have always enjoyed all types of surgeries as being trained initially in ear, nose, and throat and facioplastic and then completing my training in general surgery and slowly evolving in the 70’s and 80’s into cosmetic and plastic surgery, it became evident that I had to start to narrow my focus down to just mainly one area and that was cosmetic and plastic surgery versus medically necessary surgeries. In the cosmetic surgeons’ world, there is a great camaraderie around the country among those that have this as a specialty. Over the past 35 years, I have attended at least two cosmetic and plastic surgery meetings a year with the American Academy of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery and I have made quick friends all through the United States and around the world who is here and passion of aesthetic surgery. Those were the reasons that I became a cosmetic surgeon.
Marvin A. Borsand, D.O., F.A.C.O.S.

5 Amazing Uses for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

The use of hyperbaric medicine is quickly becoming mainstream in treating things like sports injuries, hearing loss, ulcers, radiation injuries, neurological injuries and more. We all understand the basic use of oxygen by our bodies – to keep us alive and properly functioning. But today I’m going to explain five amazing uses for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and briefly describe how it works.

Remove Free Radicals
Free radicals are present everywhere; in the air, in our bodies, and in every material we touch. They are responsible for age related illness, the fading of paint, and the deterioration of plastic, just to name a few. They’re also responsible for the aging process that our skin goes through. This is completely unavoidable, but may be slowed by hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Reduce pain from inflamed joints or injuries. The pressure helps reduce pain while increased oxygen promotes the healing process. In the hyperbaric chamber, oxygen is pressurized and delivered to injured parts of the body. This helps stimulate cells to accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

Creates Sustained Cognitive Improvement
The pressurized oxygen stimulates idling brain cells that are metabolizing enough to stay alive but not actively firing. They become more functional, which improves their overall wellbeing.

Various Types of Injuries

Sports injuries, crush injuries, and other acute traumatic injuries are often addressed with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It has also been successfully used for:
• Autism
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Asthma
• Bell’s Palsy
• Cerebral Palsy
• Depression
• Heart Disease
• Migraines
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Spinal Cord Injuries
• Sports Injuries
• Stroke

Improves Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Tinnitus – ringing in your ears – is caused by a variety of issues including high blood pressure and injury to the ear itself. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been effective in reducing tinnitus and other noise-induced hearing loss.


Hyperbaric oxygen treatments were originally created to treat divers who suffer from decompression sickness. The technology has been thoroughly tested on a variety of issues that affect the human body and is now available in several hospitals and clinics around the world.

Contact us for a free consultation so we may address your concerns about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and whether we feel it will benefit your individual situation. Call, email, or come by the clinic any time; although we do prefer a scheduled consultation so we can spend time getting to know you before making any recommendations. Your initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose, and you’re under no obligation to purchase any products or services.