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Three Things Your Scottsdale Esthetician Wants You to Know

Skin Care Treatments in Phoenix, AZIt’s time to pamper yourself. You took the day to get a facial or a skin care treatment done, but there are a few things your esthetician wants you to keep in mind during your appointment. Dr. Philpott and his trained team offer several skin care treatments at The Body Sculpting Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Your Esthetician is Not Judging You

When you are going in for a skin treatment, leave your worries at the door. Your esthetician is not judging you. They don’t mind that you aren’t consistent with washing your face or applying moisturizers. They won’t judge you for the number of pimples, wrinkles, or blackheads on your skin. What they will do is gently point out small pieces of advice in a helpful manner. They will suggest small changes that you can make to keep your face looking more youthful and full of life for a longer period of time.

Your Esthetician is a Skin Care Expert

The trained specialist is trained for a reason. They are the expert when it comes to your skin. Your esthetician knows which skin care products they are using and selling, and can answer almost all of the questions you might have about them. Trust your esthetician’s judgment on products. Their advice and guidance when it comes to recommendations for your skin are meant to help you have the best skin yet. Lastly, ask your esthetician questions. It is better to be in the know and ask questions than to go home and reverse the benefits provided by your skin care treatment.

Your Esthetician Can Smell a Lie a Mile Away

Be honest. As mentioned previously, your esthetician is trained. They have seen all kinds of skin and they know when you are lying.

First and foremost, be honest about smoking. If you are a heavy smoker, or a once a day smoke, or a casual smoke, tell your esthetician. If your esthetician does not know that you smoke, your facial treatment will be a lot less effective because they will not take the necessary steps to treat a smoker’s skin.

Secondly, it is incredibly important for females to tell their esthetician if they are on their period. No matter how embarrassing you think it is, it is crucial to know this before your facial. During a menstrual cycle, a woman’s skin becomes very sensitive. It is important that your esthetician knows this to adjust any serums, moisturizers or exfoliating steps of your treatment. Additionally, if you are on birth control or other medication, you need to tell your specialist.

Lastly, withholding any information about your skin or face can dramatically change the results of your treatment. If you recently got facial injections, let your esthetician know where and when you got the injections. This would change your treatment because your esthetician does not want to interfere with other specialists work. Not disclosing facial injections could move or misshapen the material injected into your face.

As always, only receive facials and skin care treatment from reputable specialists in safe office spaces. Dr. Philpott and his team strive to continue their record of safe and clean skincare. To schedule your facial or other skin care treatment, contact Dr. Philpott in Scottsdale, Arizona, at The Body Sculpting Center.

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