Restylane® in Phoenix, AZ

BodyNew MedSpa, the premiere medical spa of Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas in Arizona, offers Restylane® injections to its patients.

Restylane in Phoenix, AZ

Restylane® injections are one of the new injection procedures to enhance the look of the facial skin and improve the overall look of a client’s face. It can fill in the areas of the face that you feel could use some enhancement.  The procedure is quick and effective, which is one reason that it has become so popular. Another major advantage to Restylane® is that the hyaluronic acid, on which Restylane® is based, is not animal based.Restylane in Phoenix, AZ

How Does Restylane® Work?

Unlike Botox®, the Restylane® injections do not relax the muscle, which means the injection will not result in the loss of facial expression which can be associated with Botox®. The use of hyaluronic acid, a naturally produced chemical in the skin, has also proven to last longer than traditional Botox® treatments. Some clients have had effects last up to 8 months after their Restylane® procedures. A more natural and longer-lasting cosmetic facial enhancement, Restylane® injections are an excellent way to battle the genetic and environmental factors that cause the skin to deteriorate and wrinkle.

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