When it comes to looking and feeling great, The Body Sculpting Center doesn’t believe in giving you anything less than your dream come true. Operating out of Scottsdale, Arizona, our practice has been improving and restoring physical appearance, boosting self-confidence and helping men and women look and feel their best for the past 27 years.

At The Body Sculpting Center, we do more than just alter your appearance. With our professional team of talented and experienced medical professionals, we combine our cosmetic expertise with the latest advances in medical technology to give you the body of your dreams. Led by Dr. Ethan Philpott— specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery — our one-of-a-kind cosmetic center and MedSpa offers expert services on everything from facials, skin peels, laser vein and hair removal, tattoo removals and Botox®, to cheek implants, breast lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, vaginoplasty and more — and all under one roof.



As your dedicated and trained physicians, we are here to listen to all your cosmetic hopes, questions, and concerns. For decades, we have focused our efforts on improving your quality of care, while always expanding our knowledge on some of the most advanced cosmetic and medical procedures. We are transparent in all aspects of our practice, and we will give you honest opinions about the likely outcome of any treatment or surgery you request. From the moment you walk in for a consultation, your desired result becomes our main focus. Committed to patient satisfaction, we make your safety and well-being our top priority, and we carefully train our team of staff and assistants to make sure our practice achieves optimum levels of hospitality at all times. More than any other cosmetic center and MedSpa in Arizona, we stay committed to your treatment, care, and most importantly, your happiness.

Serving the beautiful communities of Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ, The Body Sculpting Center specializes in multiple areas of expertise. They include, but are not limited to:

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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ



Plastic surgery is a popular option for men and women who need reconstructive or cosmetic surgery to enhance the look and function of specific features of the body and face. Our dedicated team at The Body Sculpting Center takes great pride in providing top-notch cosmetic procedures and care to each and every patient.

Ethan M. Philpott, M.D.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


When it comes to helping you look and feel great, Dr. Ethan Philpott, a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery of the face and body, is as dedicated a practitioner as you will find. He performs both facial and body procedures, in addition to phalloplasty and external vaginal procedures, and is committed to utilizing the latest advances in medical technology to restore your physical appearance and boost your self-confidence. Dr. Philpott will always take the time to ensure he has a personal understanding of your needs and cosmetic goals.

Plastic Surgeon in Phoenix, AZ

Our special services at BodyNew MedSpa help to transform a person’s look by rejuvenating the skin and improving its appearance. The treatments available include many aesthetic procedures that are minimally invasive, but also quick and pain-free.


Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ
PROVIDING STATE-of-the-art treatment

Cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures for men are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. Men deserve to enjoy the benefits of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures to look and feel their best.

The treatment process for men will often vary from women as men tend to have different body types and features like tighter skin and thicker muscles that often age and develop differently.

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures in Phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ


SEE THE difference

Cosmetic and plastic surgery can be an excellent way to improve your appearance and help you achieve the body of your dreams. Men and women from all walks of life can appreciate the results of quality cosmetic procedures from The Body Sculpting Center.

"Dr. Philpott made me feel at ease immediately. He has a wonderful sense of humor which is important to me, especially when standing in front…" -
"For more than 8 years I have been wanting a breast lift. After two children, breastfeeding and gravity my DD breast were looking pretty south.…" -
"Great communication. Thoughtful/helpful to my husband and children, with questions and after-care inquiries. I felt like I wasn't just a "pay-day" but a real human…" -
"He's realistic and honest, and I'm only 8 days post op and they look amazing! He's got a sense of humor which helps, and he…" -
"Dr. Philpott has been my savior over this last year. I had been seen by another surgeon in June 2016 that gave me a horrific…" -
"No question is too small, he is there from beginning to end. The most wonderful amazing Surgeon. I cannot express just how happy I am.…" -
"I highly recommend Dr. Philpott! He took the time to discuss every aspect of the procedure with me and was happy to answer any questions…" -
"Dr. Philpott and his staff are amazing. I visited a few plastic surgeons and him and his office was the place I felt the most…" -
"I have been re-searching and contemplating a BA since I was 16. I am 30 y/o and I do not have children but I work…" -
"Dr Philpott took the time to address my needs and desires. He formulated a plan that was going to reach my desired effect and kept…" -
"The outcome from my procedure was fabulous! I had four areas done (inside thighs, outside thighs, stomach, and mons pubis), and they all look fabulous.…" -
"I am so glad that I choose Dr. Philpott as my surgeon. The whole staff has been extremely helpful and answered all my 1000 questions.…" -
"DR. PHILPOTT, thank you for fixing me!! I have my life back thanks to him!! I was botched by a fake Dr. My lip implants…" -
"I had two procedures done by Dr. Philpott after getting consultations from 4 other plastic surgeons and my results are phenomenal. As a healthcare provider…" -
"Had a 3/4 facelift with neck, he is an amazing doctor, and very easy on the eyes! Will be returning. My face looks excellent and…" -
"He was the most pleasant person that I've ever met he made me feel very very comfortable. I was so happy with my decision and…" -
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