Diane – Staff

Leigh and Joan,
Chin Line. When I got home Don (my boyfriend) asked what did you have done today. I said, just a facial (I wanted to see what he would say). He said wow, it really tightened your skin. I said really, where? He said below the cheeks and around your nose and mouth. For him to notice that much it has to be a big difference. Just had to let you know. Thanks again for the wonderful and incredible person you are. You make a difference in peoples lives.

Nancy – Thermage

I just had to let you know the new technique for thermage is incredible. For myself I would have to say it is 30% more effective. I can see it and feel it. My skin is so much tighter and I have more defined

Susan – Peels

I came with some hesitation, but I brought my sister and we decided to try a skin peel. We both were pleased with the results and the staff were exceptionally helpful, friendly and really cared about us. I would highly recommend…

Anonymous – Fraxel

I am a 53 year old retired R.N. who had been self conscious of my ice-pick acne scars. Even after two CO2 full-face laser procedures and an endless cycle of expensive and unsatisfactory fillers, I was told that I had exhausted all options. Then my dermatologist referred me to Leigh Giordano, and she has made me feel pretty. By individualizing a treatment plan, including skillfully administering fraxel treatments, and her artistic skill with fillers and appropriate products, Leigh has healed nearly all of my scars and actually saved me a great deal of money. For the first time in my life, I have been complimented on my complexion. I can’t imagine finding anyone better than Leigh, and will never put my face in anyone else’s hands.

Diane – Staff

Leigh and Joan,
It has been said that ‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’… Well, you continue to prove how much you care time and time again and back it up with unparalled knowledge. Thank you for your care, concern, professionalism and expertise. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my body!

Kelli – Staff

Joan, Thank you for all you do keeping me looking and feeling good about myself! You are truly a genuine and kind person. Thanks for your optimism and positivity always!

Bambi – Staff

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful job you did on my face. I look refreshed and friends and family are commenting on how I look younger. That is a big plus since I wasn’t looking for that result. Joan, I think you are the best and will ask for you whenever I need something done to my face or body. Thanks again for making me look and feel great about myself.

Cheryl L. – Staff

Today we are inundated with a multitude of procedures promising a more youthful appearance. How do we know what works, or who to trust? I have found that the staff at the BodyNew MedSpa, Leigh Giordano, Joan Olcott, and all of their knowledgeable staff, headed up by Dr. Marvin Borsand of course. They know exactly what procedure to recommend in order for you to get the most beautiful results. The cost of treatments is very reasonable and I don’t think you could put a price tag on the fantastic and overwhelming youthful results that you receive.

I’m a woman just a few months away from my 50th birthday, and nobody believes me. Thanks to the remarkable treatments of the medspa, I’m arguing with people who insist that I’m not a day over thirty-five. Honestly when I look at myself in the mirror, I see a young, beautiful woman who could be thirty-five.

I love the personalized treatment and the friendly staff. They make me feel like my personal beauty needs are their utmost priority. I love the way they make me feel like a part of the medspa family. I am and will always remain a patient for life, and I tell all my friends about it. It’s wonderful to look and feel beautiful. Thank you, BodyNew MedSpa.

Cathy S. – Botox/Hyperpigmentation

I had my first consultation with Joan Olcott in 2005 in hopes of achieving the goal of reversing the signs of aging caused by sun abuse. Since then, my complexion has improved tremendously. After regular facial treatments and BOTOX (when needed), many people who meet me for the first time comment on how beautiful my skin is.

My pores, fine lines and hyperpigmentation have lessened, and I will continue to commit my time with Joan in achieving the ultimate goal I have, which is growing old gracefully and beautifully.

Joan and her procedures have changed my attitude and outlook in life. I truly believe she knows how to achieve any woman’s needs to look beautiful.

Diane – Facials/Laser Hair Removal

Happy First Anniversary!!! I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the services offered at the MedSpa. The staff is equally amazing. Everyone is so nice and accommodating that you instantly feel comfortable. I have been coming to see Tracy Kociszewski for about a year already. I have received facials, laser hair removal and product recommendation from her. She is extremely professional and is such a positive person. I have been a patient of Dr. Borsand for five years and he continually expands based on new technology. I will continue to be a client of both the Body Sculpting Center and the MedSpa for years to come. I feel great thanks to all of you.

Nancy C. – Facials/Body Wraps

I want to let you know about the experience I have had at BodyNew MedSpa. The wonderful results from the facials, body wraps, and other procedures have far exceeded what I expected. The professional and caring attitude of Leigh and Sheri gives me the confidence to know that the procedures are done safely and correctly. The whole staff at BodyNew is very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous making my experience a very relaxing and satisfying one. BodyNew MedSpa is definitely a spa I would not only recommend but plan on returning to many, many times.

Joyce – Facial

I was first introduced to the BodyNew MedSpa in January 2009. Leigh, the spa director, gave me my facial and we discussed a treatment for psoriasis, which has been seriously affecting my scalp for several years. This condition never responded to traditional dermatological treatments and my hair began falling out in 2008. By November 2008 I was almost bald on top and was left with the dilemma of keeping what I had left or shaving my head! Leigh suggested that we begin carboxy therapy. Joan the RN that worked with me, explained what the treatments would entail and what we were hoping to accomplish. Leigh and Joan began my treatments in February 2009. The first improvement I experienced was pain relief! Psoriasis can be extremely painful and I can’t begin to say how wonderful it is not to suffer from constant pain and the accompying headache. The next source of relief was from the itching and burning. I also saw a great reduction in the build up of plaque or scales on my scalp. I can now wear colored shirts without the embarrassment of all the shedding scales covering my shoulders. As of April 19, 2009, the redness and scaling have almost completely disappeared. My hair is growing back and each week it gets thicker and has even started to curl! Leigh and Joan are as excited by my weekly progress as I am.

These ladies have made me feel like I am top priority and they really care and want to help me. The entire staff at BodyNew MedSpa have been friendly and supportive.

This treatment continues to be a blessing and I would recommend that anyone who suffers from psoriasis, contact BodyNew MedSpa to schedule a consultation with Leigh and Joan to see how they can help you.

Thank you BodyNew MedSpa for everything!

Diane – Latisse

About 4 days after beginning to use Latisse, lashes began to erupt on my lower eye lids, where there had been no lashes since about 1983. Now, three weeks after beginning Latisse, those lashes are longer and filling out nicely and my upper lid lashes are definitely longer and much fuller. And, since there always seemed to be a small amount of Latisse left on the application brush, I began to brush the thinner areas of my eyebrows. Now, these areas are becoming thicker and fuller, too.

Dr Borsand was very knowledgable, knew exactly what I needed to have done without adding any “unneccesary” procedures on. I am very pleased with my Tummy tuck and liposuction! I had a small would infection and he was always there to help me through that with a caring attitude and treatment. The staff is very friendly and fun to work with. I would recommend this doctor to anyone needing any procedure and will be seeing him again for my breast lift! I am confident he will be able to help me with this as well!!!

Excellent Surgeon! Very knowledgable, experienced and a true artist. He certainly cares about his patients, listens and has a great sense of humor. My scars are barely visible from a procedure I had done.

I have been going to consultations and Dr. Borsand was phenomenal. He was personable, responsive and very informative. He made me feel like a human being not a science project. I just scheduled my consultation fro a re augmentation and expect nothing but great things. Yes, there wasa wait but it was worth it, and the staff is excellent.

Dr. Borsand performed my breast augmentation in Oct 2008 and it is nearly a year later and I couldn’t be happier. I interviewed several surgeons beforehand and felt most comfortable with Dr. Borsand and the 24 hour recovery method was a big plus. I stressed that I wanted a very conservative impant and that is just what he delivered. The end result was very natural (small c cup). Bodynew offers many services and I never felt they were trying to hard sell me on anything. Highly recommended.

I had a 24-hr recovery breast augmentation by Dr. Borsand in 2004. The results were great and the recovery was fairly easy. I am happy with the size, they look very natural. I am now considering replacing them with silicone gel but haven’t had any problems with the saline besides a little rippling when I bend forward.

Dr Borsand is very professional and friendly during all office visits. I am very happy with his work.
I had my BA/BL on 4-2-10 and am very happy so far with the results. Dr. B was recommended to me from a prior pt that also had the same surgery. He is very knowledgeable about what is doing, which makes it nice because he told me things that I hadn’t even thought of pre-op. He showed me compashion when I had my consult, and I think that’s what really sold me on him. I would do more surgeries with Dr. B.

Very good surgeon with great bedside manners. Very personable. Doesn’t try to sell more then you need.

I have had multiple surgeries over the by Dr. Borsand. This includes lipo, fat transfer, RF Tite neck lift and breast augmentation. Each time he was very honest with expectations. The liposuction performed on my flanks was amazing. He was able to sculpt me a beautiful waist and back. I hated taking pictures because of my little double chin. His RF Tite neck procedure worked wonders and the down time was next to nothing. Extremely satisfied with breast aug. I would highly recommend him as your cosmetic surgeon.

The staff was very kind and pleasant to deal with. Everyone works as a team, I saw it first hand when I came a little early for my appointment and they were having a meeting in the waiting room. The whole staff was patient and compassionate while I was getting prepared for my operation. Everyone explained everything well and it was a fantastic experience. Dr Borsand did my breast implants approximately 18 yrs ago. I am very glad I chose him to re- do them. I had absolutely no problems in the 18 yrs and the 2nd time was much easier. Very experienced staff. If you want a safe and excellent experience, this is the place to go!

Highly recommended cosmetic surgeon. He’s done 2 of my friends’ boob jobs. Both are great! Got mine done in July. Healing nicely. Can’t wait to go bra shopping.
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Borsand. He was very thoughtful and made an experience that could be very uncomfortable, pleasurable and exciting! I am so glad I chose him and I love the results I have!

Speaking for myself, I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Borsand! He came highly recommended to me by several friends, and I’m so glad I chose him as my surgeon. I had a breast augmentation in 2008 and a fantastic experience. I went back in 2011 for a re-aug and had an even better experience the 2nd time around! Dr. Borsand is very knowledgeable, attentive, listened to my concerns, and made sure we fixed my “problem areas.” I am so pleased with the results, and will absolutely go back to Dr. Borsand with any future cosmetic surgery needs.

I had breast augmentation done in May 2012,, I’m very happy with this doctor and my results.


Very pleased with all of my surgeries that Dr. Borsand has performed. My latest, a beast augmentation I wanted a bigger size but he disagreed. I went with his expertise and I’m so glad I did. His liposuction sculpting is amazing. Very honest about expectations and great bedside manner. What I love is that he doesn’t try to sell or talk you into other surgeries. He really listens.

Dr. Borsand has met or exceeded my expectations during all three of my surgeries with him. He is very caring and knowledgeable. His staff is also very caring and supportive. I have recommended numerous people to him and they have also been very pleased with the outcome and experience.

Breast Lift and Augmentation

I had lift and breast augmentation 3 years ago and I think dr Marvin change my life, he did a perfect job my breast looks very natural and beautiful I am very happy!! Thank you dr Marvin.


I love him and I am going back to him for my reduction. The man is an artist and I love that he takes the time to talk to me. He calls me himself to answer my questions.


Dr. Borsand,

I wanted to thank you for sponsoring me in the Nova Fitness Competition a few months back. I appreciate your generosity and support in my endeavor. I placed 1st in figure in the masters division and second place at the world championships. I even made it in the Physique Competitor Magazine. Again, thank you and have a wonderful week.

Your Patient,



To the staff at the Body Sculpting Center:

I’d like to offer up my testimonial to you about my recent breast augmentation performed by Dr. Marvin Borsand. It has been just over one month since my surgery and I couldn’t possibly be happier. I have been happy since I arrived for my first consultation! Every step of this process has been easy and painless (well, a little pain after the surgery but ONLY a little!) thanks to all of you. I just wish I could give everyone a big hug and a lasting word of thanks.

I’d like to share why my experience was so great. Being impossible to just “sum it up”, please bear with the lengthy speech! First and foremost, everyone who has answered the phone at the Body Sculpting Center, from the first call I placed, has been wonderfully cheerful and eager to help. I spoke with Tonya before I ever came in, and she was very helpful and so friendly. Julie helped me out at my consultation, and got me set up with my financing (thank you so much, this part was amazingly easy). Melissa brought in the “magic sizing cart” so I could “try on” a couple of sizes before meeting with Dr. Borsand to decide, and she also removed my stitches and drain (what a relief that was!). Jaclyn has put up with countless emails from me, and her friendly and helpful demeanor has never wavered!! The OR staff (Kathy, John) were great. They made me feel quite comfortable in your state of the art facility. (I work for an HMO and am very familiar with standards; this staff and facility definitely surpass many of the standards for everything!) I never felt any fear or discomfort during my time at the Body Sculpting Center.

Last but not absolutely not least, Dr. Borsand. A wonderful, skilled, compassionate and personable man who is not just a doctor but a human being. From my original consultation to the follow up visit after the surgery, he has been a blessing. I have recommended Dr. Borsand and the Body Sculpting Center to everyone I know (and will continue to do so). I will forever place Dr. Borsand on a very limited personal list of doctors I couldn’t do without.

I can’t thank you enough for the way you have touched my life; physically, emotionally, mentally…I am a better woman, wife, mother, friend for having had this surgery thanks to the way it has affected my self-esteem. I thank ALL OF YOU from the bottom of my heart and guarantee that if I ever need another procedure, I will not hesitate to return!

With warmest regards,



I have had my breast augmentation and mini tummy tuck done at your center on two separate occasions and I have to say that I am very pleased with both the service that I have received and the results of my surgeries. Along with being a satisfied patient, I have referred many friends and family members to your location. I am a firm believer in the power of referrals, and I definitely believe in both your commitment to excellence and customer service.

Everyone that I have encountered from Tonya at the front desk to Tracy for pre and post-op visits to the care that I received from Cathy, have been exceptional. You made me feel very comfortable and confident with my choices. Above all else, I knew I was in good hands. My first experience was a consultation with Dr. Borsand. I had also been referred to him by a friend of mine who had her breast augmentation performed by him. What stood out in my mind was that my friend had decided on a certain size for her new breasts and the first thing out of Dr. Borsand’s mouth was that she was going too big and that he advised against going so large. To me, that’s a sign of an honest and good doctor – one who can be straightforward and honest. I was convinced that he was the person I wanted to consult with.

So, I went for my breast augmentation with Dr. Borsand on July 22, 2002. That following January 2003, I had decided to go have a mini tummy tuck done with Dr. Marouk. I felt very confident and at ease with what they had to say and what they were going to do or had done. At my 6-month visit for my mini tummy tuck, I was not entirely happy with the results and they decided to go back in and touch up on the mini tummy tuck. To me, this showed their commitment to their patients. They were honest and ensured my complete satisfaction to the work being done.

The mission statement on their website states: We pledge to continue our dedication to total patient satisfaction as a philosophy of business. And for that commitment and actual practice, you do have a “patient for life.” Thank you again for everything!! I look better now in my early 30’s after having 3 children than I ever did in my 20’s.


I wanted to thank Dr. Borsand and his staff for the wonderful job they did with my surgery. When I first became interested in having a breast augmentation I would see different TV shows that portrayed plastic surgery in different ways, but most often in a scary way. Although they were very informational, they left me full of questions and fear. When I went for my consult, I immediately felt very comfortable with everybody. His nurses were all very nice and his office was state of the art. When Dr. Borsand came in, he answered all of my questions and washed away my fears.

When the day came for my surgery, although very informed, I was still nervous. Once again, I had a few last minute questions and a couple of changes. Dr. Borsand and his staff were very patient and made me feel comfortable with my new decisions. We decided to go with a new approach known as the 24-hour recovery. I have to say, it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I planned to take a whole week off, but I ended up going back earlier than that. I didn’t have to take any narcotics and on top of that there was no suture removal.

Three weeks later and everything is healing and looking great. Once again, I want to thank Dr. Borsand for helping me achieve total body satisfaction. I will recommend you highly to all my friends and family.




I am writing today to thank you for the exquisite tropical arrangement that you had delivered to me. It is amazing! I have always admired such arrangements and wanted to have one. Now I do, thank you.

I am also writing to say I feel like I should be sending you flowers! I am so pleased with the entire experience for my cosmetic surgery, from initial consultation to today. I am sure I will be pleased for a lifetime. I chose to have breast enlargement and through consultation with Dr. Borsand, opted for the 24-hour recovery procedure. I must admit that I was skeptical that such quick recovery could be possible. I am now a true believer from first-hand experience.

The staff was great, from my consultant assistant to the attending nurse, to the anesthesiologist and to the wonderfully experienced Dr. Borsand. I woke up after only 45 minutes in the surgery room having no pain and feeling great. After only a 1/2 hour of recovery, I left the facility. I rested at home for about 4 hours and then was up visiting family and watching television. We all went out to dinner and I took a shower that evening. I spent the night at a friend’s house and watched movies. The next day I was carrying on with my normal life. I never had any pain and only took ibuprofen for the feeling of pressure. It has only been 6 days and already my breasts are taking on the natural, beautiful shape they will finally become. I am very pleased with the appearance. The swelling was quite minimal and there was no bruising.

I am proud to have been a part of the taping by Channel 5 of this 24-hour recovery procedure. I have referred other interested candidates already that saw the coverage on the evening news and were anxious to acquire information. I am glad to be living proof that this is a no no-nsense, true technological quick recovery procedure.

Thank you Dr. Borsand and Staff!



Dear Dr. Borsand and Staff,

My name is Ruth Cook and I had a breast augmentation (at the Body Sculpting Center) November 12, 2003. I wanted to thank you all so much for making my procedure so wonderful. I live about 3 hours from Phoenix and my husband is a shift worker, so I was always worried about how and when to fit it all in. I’m still so amazed at how everything did fall into place and how quickly everything moved along.

Before I even came to the Body Sculpting Center, I had heard nothing but nice things. My sister had the same procedure done there about 4 years ago and she was very pleased. I was a little afraid, actually a lot, only because I have a low tolerance to pain. And I have to say that I am still waiting for the pain… on a scale of 1 to 10 in the pain department, I can honestly say I was a 1. I was a little achy, but that was it. I didn’t even need or use the Demerol. The Motrin and the muscle relaxer did wonders.

When I got home about 3 days after surgery, I was constantly reminding myself to take it easy. I have two young boys so I’m always on the go. I love to clean, and I felt like I could vacuum!!

I also wanted to thank you, Dr. Borsand, for removing about eight little skin tags along with my surgery. You didn’t have to do that at all, but you did. It’s expensive getting those taken off by a dermatologist and you saved me money!! I remember you asking me if I would mind, because you are a perfectionist and it made me feel really good, confident and happy that I chose the right doctor. Someone who actually takes the time and goes beyond. I just wanted to say thank you all for making my experience such a good one. You are all so professional and nice! I will recommend you to everyone!!!!

Thank you Always,



Dear Dr. Borsand and Staff!

I wanted to thank you all for taking such great care of me once in February 2002 on my Breast Augmentation and now a second time, March 2004, as I chose a lejour lift and liposuction! I had the best medical experience with your staff over any other place I have been, including my regular family doc! Your staff was so wonderful answering all my questions each time I called (numerous though they were) and they were always willing to help me feel more comfortable about my procedure! I am very pleased with my lipo (hips, tummy, flanks and knees) and can’t wait to tell my friends how wonderful my experience was (I was gonna keep it a secret).

Thanks again for all the T.L.C. your staff brought to my visits to your office.



(Teri was the winner of the 2004 20K Breast Giveaway in honor of our 20,000 patient benchmark.)

Dear Dr. Borsand and Staff!

I have to give a HUGE hug and say THANK YOU for the rest of my life to you all! What a great gift you have given me. This was by far, the BEST Christmas gift(s) I have ever received! It’s been two weeks since my surgery and I still can’t believe it happened!

It seemed like a blur from winning the contest, to having my consultation, and then being scheduled for surgery! I was expecting to have the surgery done in January or February, but I learned during my consultation there was an opening on DEC 23. All I could think was “Oh my god, that’s in 3 weeks!” I had a week off of work for the holidays, so I decided to take it!

I can’t explain how nervous I was the day of surgery. Even though everyone told me I’d be fine, I still was so excited, nervous and a bit scared. My surgery was quick. In the recovery room I reached up and felt the ace wrap on my chest and I smiled because I knew it wasn’t a dream. I went home, but slept for a just a little while (even more excited and nervous now). I couldn’t wait to the end of the day to take the ace bandage off and see what my body looked like. I am glad to say that Tylenol has worked wonders for the little bit of pain I did have. I was moving around the following day with the expected aches and tingling. I even wrapped all my kid’s Christmas gifts the next day (shhh, don’t tell them that).

Within 5 days I was back driving my stick shift and SHOPPING!!! I am thrilled with my new gifts. Even though they will change over the next few months, I am happy with what they look like NOW!

Having a breast augmentation may not seem like such a big deal to some people, but it was for me, and for a lot of other women who entered the contest. I’m grateful you had the contest. Because if you didn’t, I would have never written my letter, I would have never been chosen as a finalist, and of course I would have never won.

You should be proud because all of you together make people feel good about themselves and that is the best gift anyone could ever give someone. It was because of you that I can look at myself and feel so good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart always!



After a marriage of many years, my wife passed away very unexpectedly. I was devastated and lonely. About a year later on a trip to visit my daughter in Michigan, I ran into a former co-worker, a woman that I always liked and she still worked for the same company I was once employed with. This lady was also living alone. We had quite a few dates together and when one day I asked her how she would like to move to Arizona, it did not take her too long for her to make up her mind. The fact that she was quite a few years younger than I am was often on my mind and I found myself looking in the mirror more frequently. I noticed then that I had a lot of excess skin on my neck that made me look older than the rest of my body.

Through an acquaintance that sold me some insurance I heard for the first time about the Body Sculpting Center. He himself had a neck procedure done there and was very pleased with the results. Shortly after, when I had something to do in Scottsdale, I stopped by the Body Sculpting Center to look over the place. I was favorably impressed and made an appointment for an evaluation. The doctor explained to me in an unrushed way and easy to understand language the procedure that could be done in my case. The cost quoted to me was actually less than I expected, and I made up my mind right then to go for it. The appointment for the surgery was a few weeks later. My nervousness on the day of surgery was soon melting away when I was in the care of the very skillful and friendly staff that prepared me for the procedure.

When I woke up from a pleasant sleep, I was already bandaged up and I was given some instruction and some medication. The pain pills I never needed to take. The follow-up appointments were similarly unrushed and pleasant.

Was I satisfied with the results of the surgery? You bet, and most of my close friends complimented how much better I look after this procedure. I can honestly say that I would recommend the Body Sculpting Center to anyone with the same or similar problems. Thank you Body Sculpting Center and staff, I am very pleased.

P.S. The woman I mentioned earlier I am happily married to now.



Dear Body Sculpting Center,

I recently had a Portrait PSR3 treatment at your center. I am 45-years-old and have spent too much time in the sun. With so much sun damage, I looked older than I am. I chose to have the procedure on my face to decrease the appearance of my wrinkles.

I went into the office for a high-power treatment on my forehead, cheeks, upper lip and chin. The treatment was slightly uncomfortable on the high setting. Immediately after the treatment, my face turned beat red and felt like I had a sunburn. A few days later, the treated area turned a brownish color and began to peel. The skin underneath was a light pink color.

Several weeks later, I went back in for a low power treatment to even out the color of my face. The low-power treatment was not uncomfortable at all and again, after treatment, felt like a sunburn for a few days.

My skin looks and feels younger and keeps improving each day. I am amazed at how much improvement I see in my upper lip area. The wrinkles used to be so deep I could play music on the grooves! And now, they have practically vanished. Everyone at work is interested in this amazing procedure. I would recommend Portrait to anyone!

I wanted to tell Dr. Leon and Toni thank you for my new and improved look!



Dr. Borsand,

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate how helpful you and your staff have been to me. Starting with my consultation, all the girls were so informative and answered all my questions about my breast augmentation surgery as well as helped calm my nerves. It has only been 2 weeks since my surgery, but I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to your care and expertise, I have the self-esteem and confidence I never thought was possible! Your staff and especially you have given me added inspiration as to why I have chosen to pursue a career in the medical field. I can only hope that one day I will be able to touch lives and help people the way you have helped me




Dear Dr. Borsand,

I have spent the past few years trying to find a surgeon willing to consult with me and represent me regarding my civil matter with Dow Corning. The requirements in my matter were complex, time consuming and at times very frustrating.

I would like to extend my personal gratitude to you and your staff prior to, during and following my procedure June 6th, 2008. There were numerous phone calls and paperwork in addition to what you normally have however, I was never made to feel different than any other patient you had due to the personal circumstances.

Although I was very nervous due to potential complications stemming from the procedure, the staff in pre-op and the operating room together with the anesthesiologist, John, put me at ease and made me extremely comfortable while at the same time provided assurance I was going to be well taken care of. You have a very professional group of people working for you and together they display what teamwork really is.

I am extremely happy with my results and my new image and wish to thank you again for partnering with me and working with Dow Corning; I was finally able to close that chapter in my life.

Warmest Regards,



Diary of One year with Boobs

January 22, 2008 Consult ~ I first met with the patient coordinator and tried on sizes from 325 to 500. Then I met with Dr. Borsand, and we discussed everything: my desired look, concerns, risks, complications, approaches, advantages of this and disadvantages of that. He showed me different pictures and diagrams and I chose which one I wanted to look like. I initially told him I wanted to be a Full C/small D and natural looking. Then I met with the surgery coordinator. They had an opening on Friday, Feb 22, so I booked it, gave a deposit and left his office excited this was finally going to happen.

January 23 ~ I quit smoking today! Since I’m doing this to improve the outside of me it’s time to get the inside improved also.

February 8 ~ Had my pre op appointment today. First I read a 30 page book about all aspects of breast implants; preparing for surgery, surgery risks, post op care, specifics about implants, recovery instructions, etc. Then the nurse took my blood, did an EKG and we reviewed the book. I discussed sizes with her too and I was going to go with 475 cc’s filled to 495. I received a personalized copy of the book and it has been a great resource.

February 20 ~ I’m feeling a little nervous about all this. What am I about to do to myself? I must be crazy for spending all this money to enhance my body. What does God think? What if something goes wrong? Am I going to have to buy all new tops? The pre surgery jitters only lasted a short time. I have peace about it from God and I know He will be with me through the surgery and healing process. The nurse called this week to review pre surgery stuff and to let me know I was scheduled at 1 p.m. I picked up my meds today; pain pills (Darvocet), muscle relaxer (Flexeril) and antibiotic (Cephalexin).

February 22 ~ I’m tired, hungry, want some coffee, a little nervous and just want to get this over with. I can’t believe I’m doing this. We waited in their beautiful and relaxing MedSpa area till it was my turn. Finally a nurse came for me and off we went to the pre surgery area where I changed into my lovely gown. Dr. B came in and asked what we were doing. I said I want to go bigger! He was fine with that so he bumped me up to 500’s and changed from Mod+ to HP’s. He marked me up, Left filled to 515 and Right to 525, then I was off to the OR and out before they even had me all buckled in. My sx was 55 minutes and everything went well. Dr. B reviewed the post sx instructions with hubby, I got dressed and I was hungry! On the way home we went to In n Out Burger.

February 22 evening ~ I’m feeling pretty good; just tired and not in pain at all. Bed is in the recliner with lots of pillows. Dr. B called to see how I was doing. He said to take the ace bandage off and just wear the surgical bra. Our first look at them and wow! They are so high and hard and shiny! But they are big! I ended up with 500cc’s filled to 540 and 550! I’m pretty swelled up so I hope they don’t get much smaller when the swelling goes down. Hubby is coaching me each hour with my arm exercises and he’s even doing them with me. He has been a great support through all this.

February 23 ~ The nurse called to check on me. Told me to get in the shower, do my arm exercises in the warm water and I told her I was afraid to shower. She insisted, saying it would be refreshing. She was right.

February 24 ~ Ready to get out of the house! I was able to wash and dry my hair already. We went to lunch and shopping. I think the meds are starting to make me sick, dizzy and nauseated. I switched to Tylenol this afternoon and they are working fine. Sleeping is difficult; I’m not comfortable in the recliner and wake up several times a night. I feel like a freak since my boobs are so high and hard. I’m bloated and gained about 8 lbs. I’m worried I won’t have anything to wear to work.

February 25 ~ Had post op apt today. Dr. B said everything looked good and he put the strap on me really tight and said to wear it 24/7 for two weeks to help them drop. I was also instructed to do nipple massage; going under the nipple and pull the skin up. This aligns the nipple in the right place, but I don’t see that they are out of line. I also do a massage to push the implant up in the pocket a few times a day. My boobs are fluttering and it feels strange. I’ve even heard them burping.

February 27 ~ Went back to work today. Fortunately, I have a desk job and for any lifting the guys are more than willing to help. I haven’t had any pain, just discomfort, tired from not sleeping comfortably.

2 weeks ~ They are still high and hard and I’m frustrated. I called the office and asked how long this lasts and why no one shows you pictures of this look? I guess because I went under the muscle and got 550 cc’s (a lot) the pec muscle is trying to relax with the implant. I’m instructed to wear wireless bras now. It’s hard to find wireless bras that look decent. So I bought several sports bras for now. The steri strips covering my incisions finally came off and my incisions look really good. I’ve been sleeping in bed comfortably now for several days. I have some pain in the mornings which quickly goes away. I’ve lost the 8lbs that I had gained the first few days. The anesthesia and meds cause the weight gain and bloating.

4 weeks ~ Went to my massage therapist for my first post ba massage. It was wonderful! She cushioned my shoulders to relieve the weight when lying on my stomach. I went to Victoria’s Secret to search for non wired bras and the gal measured me as a 38D. I bought two bras because she said I would go through changes and they would end up fitting me. She ended up being wrong. I am a 34DD/36D.

6 weeks ~ Had a post op apt. Dr.B examined me; squishing and checking for Capsule Contracture which I am a Grade I and that is normal. He released me to wear under wires, so I’m off to the mall. Went to Dillard’s and was measured as a 34DD so I bought several. They are finally dropping and softening up and not high and hard any longer. They are starting to look like normal breasts. Dr. B recommended using CVS Silicone Scar sheets on my scars. He also told me I do not need to wear a bra all the time but to wear a sports bra to bed most nights for the support.

I have been taking pictures of my progression all along and so glad I did this. It helps to see the changes that you don’t see by looking in the mirror. I could not find too many before and after pics online of gals my size so I’m hoping to use my pics to help others in their journey.

May ~ I’m having a case of the “wish I’d gone bigger” blues. They look great naked, but in clothes, depending on what I wear, they look too small. I mentioned this to Dr. B and he said that I look great and didn’t need to go bigger since going bigger can cause more risks and complications and why mess with a good result. He said he would do it, but did I really want to. So I went back to my before pics and that’s all it took; seeing how much bigger I was from before. Sure glad I took those pictures! It’s been 3 months and all of a sudden I’m getting those shooting pains again. I emailed Dr. B and he said it’s all normal. I will have feelings/changes for up to a year. He said if the pains last longer than a few minutes I need to see him. It seems to happen the most after shopping, trying on clothes and bras.

June ~ They are growing! I put the lavender bra on that I bought at 6 weeks and it’s too small. I had hubby take pics and compared them. Sure enough, they are growing. I am not a 38D as the VS girl measured me, but a 34DD and 36D, depending on brand. I visited family and friends back east. Their reactions were all positive and said I looked so natural and they would have never known they were implants. Thanks, Dr. B! That’s what I wanted.

July ~ I stopped using the scar sheets and my scars are looking great! They are tiny and almost invisible. I no longer wish I’d gone bigger and have become very content with my size. I’m loving them!

October 8 ~ month post op apt ~ Dr. B examined me, again checking for Capsule Contracture and everything is great. He told me what to watch for in the way of nipple discharges; clear or milky was normal, dark or bloody was not. Everything was perfect and I don’t see him again until April. Dr. B had recommended at my consult to start using Palmers Cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks. I used it a month before sx and for about 4 month’s after. I have no stretch marks.

One Year ~ I have had an amazing and blessed experience. I have to say the only thing I don’t like about my new breasts is the muscle flexing, but I can live with that. It’s just weird. My scars are barely visible and tiny. I’ve had 2 dental cleanings since my ba and took no antibiotics and have had no problems. I have an hourglass figure now and love buying clothes more than ever. I have more bras now than I’ve ever had! Dr. B has a link on his web site of my progression pics and it is helping so many to see the changes.

Click here to view the video diary


February 1, 2009

Dear Dr. Borsand,

Thank you again for my beautiful breasts! I just got my latest mammogram at Simon Med in Cottonwood, and my 5 year in a row tech, Carol greeted me. She told me again during my exam what a wonderful job my surgeon had done on my breasts and connected me as the patient who had gone to the Body Sculpting Center. She said she has had women in this last year since she saw me, who were very unhappy with their breast augmentations and she has been telling them about you and what wonderful work she’s seen on me!!!

Congratulations on being such a wonderful surgeon and thank you again for all you’ve done for me. I tell anyone who asks where they should go for a perfect boob job.



I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful way in which you and the staff at the Body Sculpting Center performed my recent cosmetic surgery. From the moment I arrived for my consultation, I felt comfortable and safe. It was obvious to me that this was going to be a very positive experience and you did not disappoint me.

The Body Sculpting Center offered me everything that I was looking for and I really appreciate al your staff did to help me prepare for surgery. The best words I can use to sum up my experience are positive, professional, skilled, caring, and informative. Even today you continue to make yourselves available to answer my questions. I feel you have always made my health and well being your top priority.

I can recommend Body Sculpting Center to all my friends and I feel confident that they will enjoy working with you as much as I have. Thank you for my beautiful new body!



Thanks-8Dr. Borsand,

There are not many things I remember about my surgery, however one thing sticks in my head, when you walked out to the car with me and helped me get in my mom’s car. Also, that same night calling personally to see how I was doing. They may seem like simple actions, but they meant a great deal to my family, my friends and I. Your skills go beyond surgery, you are a great person. I am so thankful that I was blessed to have you as my surgeon!

I am also so pleased with the results and recovery from my surgery.

Thank you,

P.S. The staff is GREAT TOO!


Thanks-7Dr. Borsand & Staff,

Thank you for your professional and personal attention in making this decision.

I’ve been contemplating this decision for a long time. Working with you are your staff have made this decision very easy.

I won’t hesitate to recommend The Body Sculpting Center to my friends and relations.



Thanks-6Card Reads: When I’m this grateful, I can’t thank straight.

And that’s the truth! I apologize, but everytime I’m in there I space out and forgot to tell you how grateful I am! You worked miracles with this body – I feel like a new person, or better yet, like a younger woman!! You are a terrific doctor, and you’re fairly funny too (ha-ha!).

Thank you so much!


Thanks-5Dr. Borsand,

Thanks with all my heart for the wonderful new body I now have. I can’t begin to express my gratitude. Next summer will be the 1st time in 34 years I’ll have the self-confidence to wear a 2 piece swimming suit. My life will change with a new attitude + great outlook on life. You’re a true Angel on earth.

=) Patty

Tell the staff they are all incredible!!


thanks-3Dear Dr. Borsand,

Wow! Thank you so much, what a great job! It’s more than I could have wished for. They look terrific, and I just wanted to let you know you picked the perfect size.

Thank you again,


thanks-2Dr. Marvin Borsand,

I just wanted to thank you for the gift certificate you recently sent me, for referring a friend of mine.

I have only compliments to recommend about you and your staff. You are highly appreciated for all of the great, hard work you have given to me. Thank you again, you made my day. (My life!)



Thanks-1Dear Dr. Borsand,

Hi my name is Kacey and I got breast enhancement surgery on Dec. 19, 1997. I kow that you do many, many surgeries on many patients and that you feel that it is just your job to perform these surgeries as part of your typical routine, but I am writing you today to personally thank you for changing my life completely. Even though I have only had my new and improved breasts for approximately one month, I am so much more confident and see a world of difference in my self esteem. Coming from a woman’s point of view who was flat chested her whole life, this was my dream to make me look like real woman. I want to thank you for doing this for me. I appreciate your expertise more than you know. I had no complications with the surgery and recovered very quickly. It is amazing the technology that you use today – I am more satisfied and happy than I ever thought I would be. Again, thank you for what you’ve done for me, I am a much more happy and confident person that I ever thought I could be.


Teri (Testimonial from our Green Improvements Card questionnaire)

Q: Did you consider another surgery office?
A: Yes

Q: If yes, why did you choose our office rather than the other?
A: Was happy to see more affordable pricing at your office.

Q: How do you feel about your surgical results?
A: I am impressed with the overall challenge and that Dr. Borsand was responsive to repair parts.

Q: Is there anything your surgeon could have done to improve your experience?
A: I am happy that parts I wasn’t happy with were fixed, and very grateful that places I tore are being repaired. Dr. Borsand is so generous in this.

Q: If there is a need to have cosmetic surgery again, would you return to our office?

Q: Do you recommend our office to your friends or relatives?


If you’re considering having any type of plastic surgery, please read.

Let me start this letter with telling you that Dr. Borsand is the kindest, gentlest and most intelligent person I have ever met in my life. He is genuine, calm, and one of the most talented plastic surgeons in the world.

He in accordance with the highest standards of surgery and up to date proceedures and techniques. He has a in depth fellowship program where he trains other plastic surgeons in post residencies. (This alone shows his skill and expertise that he trains other doctors.) Dr. Borsand stands alone with his work ethic, couth, and his goal to make his patients happy. His entire medical staff is a complete and rare sparkeling gem. Having surgery on your anatomy is not like getting your tires replaced. It is detrimental to your life to pick a medical team that will not only keep you safe, but also alive.

He has had the same nurses, anesthesiologist and scrub tech for over ten years. He also has his own surgery suite. Personally I don’t want to have surgery at a hospital where everyone is like a revolving door. In Dr. B’s surgery suite, its very personal, private, and empecabble.

At the Body Sculpting Center your individual needs will be met and your expectations will be surpassed. Rayo and Britt, both gorgeous and seamless in there professionalism, will welcome you. Dr. Borsand will guide you on the journey to your new self, Ellie, who is beautiful and brilliant, will assist you with planning the details of your surgery. Once your surgery is finished Kathy, her smile lights up a room, will wake you and takes care of you until you’re ready to go home.

There is good, and then there is phenomenal. Dr. Borsand is talented, trained, caring, and with his super star team your experience and your results will be extraordinary. It’s your life, your body, make the right choice. Choose Dr. Borsand; skilled, polished, talented, kind and willing to go to great lengths for all of his patients.