Reveal® Imager in Phoenix, AZ

BodyNew MedSpa, the premiere medical spa of Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas in Arizona, offers the Reveal® Imager to its patients.

Sometimes the naked eye isn’t the best tool for treating skin conditions. Sometimes a deeper look is required before we can recommend a treatment plan to improve the look of your complexion.

Reveal Imager in Phoenix, AZ

That’s why we conduct individualized skin evaluations using the Reveal® Imager, a remarkable piece of technology that allows us to understand the underlying causes of your complexion woes. Using 3D imaging technology, the Reveal® Imager allows the BodyNew MedSpa staff to:

  • see brown spots and lesions deep within the skin
  • identify red areas that can recognize acne, rosacea and spider veins
  • spot early-stage lines and wrinkles
  • zoom in on particular areas of concern

After scanning your face, the Reveal® Imager produces a customized report that shows both the vascular condition and amount of the sun damage. Based on this information, our staff can recommend a personalized skin care regimen that meets your specific needs. Then, over the course of your treatment, additional images will be taken so you can see the remarkable results.

How does it work?

The Reveal® Imager is a simple process that results in no pain. It’s as simple as taking a photograph to capture key visual information regarding your skin’s health and appearance, and can be completed in minutes. This is used to assess the pigmentation of the skin, photo damage that is most often caused by the sun, wrinkles, texture, spider veins, and acne patterns. This allows the doctor to develop a personalized skin care approach. The Reveal® Imager will document the changes to your skin and effectiveness of our provider-designed skin care program.

If you’re a resident of Scottsdale, Phoenix, or the surrounding areas in Arizona and would like more information about the Reveal® Imager, contact BodyNew MedSpa at 602-639-4338 or use our convenient online contact form to schedule an appointment for a consultation.