Panniculectomy in Phoenix, AZ

What is Panniculectomy

Panniculectomy is a surgery done to remove stretched out, excess fat and overhanging skin from your abdomen. This can occur after a person undergoes massive weight loss. The skin may hang down and cover your thighs and genitals. Surgery to remove this skin helps improve your health and appearance.

Who is a candidate for a Panniculectomy?

You may be a candidate for a panniculectomy if you: have recently lost a large amount of weight and have loose belly skin that you want to remove. are experiencing hygiene issues from excess skin hanging below the pubic region. keep getting ulcers, infections, and other related issues under the hanging skin.

How much fat is removed during a panniculectomy?

During a panniculectomy, there is almost no limit on the amount of skin and fat that can be removed. In your case, skin and fat can be removed from hip to hip; this is what I would suggest for your abdomen. This amount of skin and fat can be safely removed in one surgery.

Will my stomach be flat after a Panniculectomy?

Will my stomach be flat after a Panniculectomy?After the procedure, you can expect your low abdomen to look flatter and smoother. Most people also notice a new boost in their self-esteem after their panniculectomy because they feel more positive about their appearance.How many sizes can I lose with a Panniculectomy?How many sizes you go down depends on where you started and how your body changes after the procedure. Most women lose between 2 and 3 pants sizes after a tuck, but there are patients who lose even more. If you had a lot of loose skin before the procedure, for example, you could go down 4 more pants sizes.

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