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Dr. Philpott made me feel at ease immediately. He has a wonderful sense of humor which is important to me, especially when standing in front of others in the nude! He made sure I understood every step of the procedure. And the follow up- WOW! Dr. Philpott and staff really seemed to care about how I was feeling the days after the procedure and I had several follow up appointments in the weeks to come. I HIGHLY recommend a consultation with Dr. Philpott!

For more than 8 years I have been wanting a breast lift. After two children, breastfeeding and gravity my DD breast were looking pretty south. Two years ago, I started losing weight with a goal of losing 40 pounds. I told myself my prize would be a great lift if I made my goal. I really wanted a lift without implants but was really nervous I wouldn’t see much difference. After my consultation with Dr. Philpott he advised he could give me the loom of fake breast without implants. He made me feel confident that the surgery would be worth it. I had surgery last Friday and saw my breasts the next day in my follow-up. Dr. Philpott did a phenomenal job and I could not be more happy with the results. He truly exceeded my expectations. My lift looks so natural and I have breasts like I’m 20 again. I feel so much more confident and finally have breasts that I feel good about! Thank you so much Dr. Philpott. I highly suggest The Body Sculpting Center!

Great communication. Thoughtful/helpful to my husband and children, with questions and after-care inquiries. I felt like I wasn’t just a “pay-day” but a real human being with a family. He was very personable and understanding to my needs. Excellent skills- my body has never looked better and my spirits are completely back up to where they belong.

He’s realistic and honest, and I’m only 8 days post op and they look amazing! He’s got a sense of humor which helps, and he has amazing bed side manner! His wife is the sweetest and always checks on you! I couldn’t have asked for better, this is a revision from 3 months ago.

Dr. Philpott has been my savior over this last year. I had been seen by another surgeon in June 2016 that gave me a horrific tummy tuck that left me looking like something of another planet. Dr. Philpott has helped me through 2 surgeries to make my body look normal once again. My 2nd revision was 3 weeks ago and I know I’ve been very emotional going to see him and calling him in tears but he has helped me to feel confident that my end result will be great and never fails to make me feel better. This DR. really cares and is a really amazing surgeon.

No question is too small, he is there from beginning to end. The most wonderful amazing Surgeon. I cannot express just how happy I am. I look forward to having other surgeries! Best surgeon around, he is truly amazing I had a 3/4 facelift with neck and thought I would be down for a while, hardly any swelling, minor bruise, no pain. I never thought I would consider having another surgery, however this surgeon is so good, I am literally trying to think of stuff to get done! Nothing short of absolutely amazing. I had a 3/4 Facelift with neck done 4 weeks ago, I was expecting a lot of bruising and swelling along with a whole lot of pain, and in fact I got quite the opposite, hardly any bruising at all a little swelling and no I didn’t finish my pain medication. It is an absolutely stunning job. He is there for you all the way through it, no question is too small in his mind, every worry you have is his treated like his own. Ethan Philpott, thank you so much, you are truly an amazing doctor.

I highly recommend Dr. Philpott! He took the time to discuss every aspect of the procedure with me and was happy to answer any questions that I had. The procedure turned out great! I am very happy with the results and the knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Philpott. I will not go to anyone other than him going forward.

Dr. Philpott and his staff are amazing. I visited a few plastic surgeons and him and his office was the place I felt the most comfortable. For example his staff was all friendly and enjoyed working for him. They all worked together to help me. I did not feel like I was just another client. Dr. Philpott listened to what I wanted and helped me achieve my goal. He also made himself available to answer my questions no matter how silly or how many I had. I had a breast augmentation and look and feel better than ever before.

I have been re-searching and contemplating a BA since I was 16. I am 30 y/o and I do not have children but I work out frequently and work as a paramedic. Given that I am very active, I viewed my breasts as “pecs,” and have felt unproportioned and somewhat inadequate for years. I traveled out of state to have the BA done by Dr. Philpott and not only him but the entire staff made all of my requests happen in a very short time schedule. Being in the medical field, I understand how busy and chaotic Dr. P and the staff must be but they made me feel like I was the only patient. I am 5’2 and 130 lbs. I wanted to be a nice size D but was concerned about being too small or large when deciding on the cc’s. The most common complaint, I heard, is that women always wished they would have gone larger. I chose 500 cc’s and was concerned that I would be too large but after much conversation with Dr. P and the staff, I was encouraged that 500 cc’s would be a good fit for me. They were right! I am only 5 days post op but am extremely happy with the results and glad I trusted their advice.

Dr Philpott took the time to address my needs and desires. He formulated a plan that was going to reach my desired effect and kept my finances in mind. The office surgery was so smooth and easy. The recovery was very minimum and I was back to full activity level. I would return to Dr Philpott for any plastic surgery needs.

The outcome from my procedure was fabulous! I had four areas done (inside thighs, outside thighs, stomach, and mons pubis), and they all look fabulous. I received liposuction on Saturday and was back at work on Monday with minimal discomfort. I would highly recommend Dr. Ethan Philpott and his staff!

I am so glad that I choose Dr. Philpott as my surgeon. The whole staff has been extremely helpful and answered all my 1000 questions. I’m 1day post op and so far I’m very pleased with my breast augmentation. The staff really cares about you and guided me through the process. I would definitely recommend The Body’s Sculpting Center.

DR. PHILPOTT, thank you for fixing me!! I have my life back thanks to him!! I was botched by a fake Dr. My lip implants and repairing my botched eye by Dr. Philpott and all at the Body Sculpting Center and I look amazing!! What was I thinking when I went else where for fillers!! Ladies and Gentlemen, beware of prices if it is too good to be true? Well we all know the answer it is no good!! I look pretty again thanks to DR. P.

I had two procedures done by Dr. Philpott after getting consultations from 4 other plastic surgeons and my results are phenomenal. As a healthcare provider myself, he has great bedside manners and is an excellent and caring surgeon. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Philpott.

Had a 3/4 facelift with neck, he is an amazing doctor, and very easy on the eyes! Will be returning. My face looks excellent and my neck is awesome.

He was the most pleasant person that I’ve ever met he made me feel very very comfortable. I was so happy with my decision and he did an excellent job.

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