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Breast Lift Myths and Facts

Breast Lift in Phoenix, AZCosmetic surgery has become increasingly more popular and commonplace over the past several years. With this casual attitude towards cosmetic surgery comes a lot of misconceptions. When it comes to a breast lift, there are many ideas that our patients have that just don’t quite add up. Dr. Philpott sat down and busted his favorite breast lift myths, so you can get your facts straight before coming in for your private consultation.

MYTH: Breast Lifts are the ONLY Way to Lift Your Breast

FACT: When it comes to lifting your breasts, a breast lift is a great surgical option to remove any excess skin or tissue that may contribute to your saggy or droopy appearance. That being said, it’s not the only way to help make your breasts look a little perkier. Patients who find they have a little lost volume in their breasts may find that small breast implants can replace that volume and add a fullness to their breasts without needing a lift.

MYTH: A Lift Isn’t Necessary if You Get Implants

FACT: Considering our last myth, this may sound confusing. However, sometimes breast augmentation isn’t quite enough to fill in the lost volume caused by stretched skin. While breast implants may fill our your breasts and improve their overall size, a breast lift may still be necessary to lift the nipple to a more natural and perky point on the breast. The best way to find out if you need a lift with your implants is to come in for a private consultation with Dr. Philpott.

MYTH: Breast Lifts Achieve Permanently Perky Breasts

FACT: In a perfect world, this would absolutely be true. Unfortunately, how long the results of your breast lift lasts really just depends on how your skin naturally ages. The sagging that we see around our chest happens when the skin loses its natural elasticity and succumbs to gravity. While a breast lift can remove that excess skin, the skin left over will eventually begin to age as well. That being said, many patients report still being happy with the results of their breast lifts for up to 10 years following surgery.

MYTH: Fat Transfer Makes You Immune from Weight Gain and Breast Fluctuation

FACT: Body fat transfer is one of the newest up-and-coming trends our patients are eager to know about. During this procedure, we can take unwanted fat from your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks, purify it, and transfer it into your breasts for a more full appearance without a breast lift. A big misconception our patients have is that they can no longer gain weight in their treatment areas. Unfortunately, weight can still be gained in both the harvest site and the breasts. It’s important to remember that these surgical solutions do need to be maintained following surgery, meaning results may be disrupted in the event of a weight gain or weight fluctuation.

If you’re interested in learning more how you can benefit from a breast lift, contact us to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Philpott today. He’ll be happy to sit down with you, discuss your concerns and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you reach all of our aesthetic goals. In light of recent events, we are also offering virtual consultations that allow you to get all of your questions answered in the comfort and convenience of your very own home.

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