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Scottsdale Residents Ask: What is the Best Age for a Facelift?

Facelift in Phoenix, AZFacelifts are widely recognized as one of the leading anti-aging procedures, with the ability to take years off of the appearance. While facelifts can produce incredible, long-lasting results, they can’t stop the aging process. For that reason, even people who have a facelift will continue to notice gradual changes in their appearance over the years. A facelift can simply turn back time and make the effects of aging less noticeable. Since this is the case, people often ask: what is the best age for a facelift? How can I time my facelift procedure to receive maximum benefits?

The Answer: The “Best Age” Varies

Studies show that the largest population of facelift patients is between the ages of 40 and 60. These are the ages when people begin to notice wrinkles and folds on the face. However, since there are many less-invasive options for addressing lines and wrinkles, most patients wait to get a facelift until they have developed more significant signs of aging. Patients have the option of using laser rejuvenation, injectable treatments and other skin care treatments before resorting to surgical techniques. The best option is often to start with gentler treatments until you can no longer achieve the results you desire without surgery. Everyone ages differently, so the best time to get a facelift is largely dependent on your personal preference.

There is No Age Limit on Facelifts

Some patients are concerned that their age can prevent them from receiving a facelift. While age may play a small role, the most important factors of facelift eligibility are general health and realistic expectations. Facelifts have been successfully performed on patients well into their 70s because they are in good health. Patients in poor health have a higher risk of complications, which can make the facelift surgery a less-than-ideal procedure.

Is Now a Good Time for Me to Have a Facelift?

There are many things to consider when you are looking into a facelift or any other cosmetic surgery. If you are in good health, have a decent understanding of the facelift procedure and are unable to achieve your cosmetic goals with other treatments, you may be a good fit for a facelift. To determine if the facelift procedure is right for you, contact us today at The Body Sculpting Center to schedule a personal consultation. We are proud to offer facelifts and other anti-aging treatments to residents of Scottsdale, Phoenix and the neighboring communities of Arizona.


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