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Mommy Makeovers with Bad Credit: Is it Possible?

Tummy Tuck in Phoenix, AZHave your kids taken a toll on your body? Did having kids leave you with an unwanted pooch, making it nearly impossible to get back to your pre-baby weight? If you are finished having children, a mommy makeover may help you return to your pre-baby body.

Insurance companies often deem a mommy makeover a non-necessary medical procedure and often the cost is not covered by your health insurance. Financing may be an option for you. What if you have bad credit? Can you still get a mommy makeover? Through healthcare financing options like Care Credit® and Prosper® Healthcare Lending, it is possible.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a common name for medical procedures often combined together for optimal results: tummy tuck, liposuction and a breast lift or breast augmentation. Together, these procedures seek to improve the aesthetic of your post-baby body.

A tummy tuck involves the elimination of extra skin and the tightening of abdominal muscles that were loosened during childbearing. This procedure is invasive and will take several weeks for your body to properly heal.

A breast lift or a breast augmentation may also be performed to complete your mommy makeover. A breast lift is a procedure that lifts the breasts and redirects the nipple from pointing down to pointing straight out. A breast augmentation contains silicone or saline implants that are placed into your breasts to improve the look and size of them.

What if I Can’t Afford it?

So you’ve decided to go through with a mommy makeover, but your insurance won’t cover it. What do you do now? Healthcare financing is available through lenders such as CareCredit® and Prosper® Healthcare Lending. An application for a loan is the first step to your new body.

What if I Have Bad Credit?

Are you afraid that your bad credit is stopping you from achieving the toned and tightened body of your dreams? Healthcare loan lending services are an option for you. Through Prosper® Healthcare Lending and CareCredit®, you can still apply for a loan to afford your procedure. These services allow you to pay your healthcare provider directly. The Body Sculpting Center also offers layaway plans.

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