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Do Facial Injections Hurt?

There have been studies done that show 20% of people in this country have a fear of injections or needles in general. Of those people, about 10% have a fear so intense it can be clinically diagnosed as Trypanophobia, an extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles.

Facial Injections Aren’t Your Typical Hypodermic Injection

Let’s try to put your fears to rest about just how bad facial injections hurt. To start with, the needles typically used in most facial injections are incredibly tiny, very fine, and very sharp.

Most of the time, you’ll barely feel anything as the needle punctures the skin. In some procedures involving certain fillers, you’ll actually have more sensation from the filler as it swells beneath the skin than you do from the needle that’s injecting it.

Good News: Precautions Can Be Taken

There are steps that can be taken to reduce the pain or discomfort from procedures involving facial injections:

  • You may be able to take something for pain before the procedure. It’s important to check first with your physician though, before you take anything, even over-the-counter medication, prior to your treatment.
  • There are topical anesthetic creams available that numb the skin in the targeted area.
  • Some hyaluronic acid fillers containing lidocaine have been given FDA approval, which helps even the discomfort from the filler itself.
  • If you’re a woman, don’t schedule a procedure during your period or the week prior to your period, as pain sensitivity is greatly increased at that time.

More Good News About Facial Injections

For most people, they simply don’t experience that much pain with procedures involving facial injections. There is some discomfort perhaps, but not enough to make the process intolerable.

Many people have reported that whatever pain or discomfort was felt at the time of their cosmetic procedure, their end results far overshadowed the pain, and was well worth whatever short-term discomfort they endured.

Facial Injections in Scottsdale AZ

For Best Results When Getting Facial Injections

Firstly, choose your practitioner carefully. Generally speaking, the more experience they’ve had performing the procedure you’re having done, the more skillfully they’re able to administer the filler and the less painful it will be for you.

Expectations also play an important role when preparing for a cosmetic procedure involving facial injections, especially if injections are a concern for you. Dr. Philpott may have you bring photos to show the type of result you would like.

Take this opportunity to ask about any special preparations needed, how the procedure is performed and what kind of results you can expect to see. Find out about recovery time and how long it will take for residual swelling to go down or bruising to fade.

Still Have Questions or Concerns About Facial Injections?

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