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Top Three Reasons to Say “NO!” to Plastic Surgery Overseas

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZWhen it comes to most things, we’re always looking to save an extra buck or two whenever we can. That’s why plastic surgery tourism is on the rise. We’re here to tell you that going overseas for cheaper plastic surgery is never a good idea. Let’s go over the top three things that can go wrong when you travel to a foreign country in the hopes of getting the body you desire.

What is Plastic Surgery Tourism?

Plastic surgery tourism is a term used to describe patients going overseas to receive plastic surgery for a discount. Patients figure that with the money they save on their procedure, they could travel to a different country and make a vacation out of their experience. Not only do certain countries offer plastic surgery at a major discount, but they also offer full vacation packages to entice you to get your procedure done there. From “safari and surgery” to “tropical, scenic tour,” more and more Americans are putting their health at risk for the “best deal” they can find. Popular countries offering plastic surgery tourism include Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Thailand.

Why Should I Avoid Going Overseas for Plastic Surgery?

We urge you to consider that plastic surgery is just that – a surgical procedure. These procedures can be extremely risky when they are put in the wrong hands and are done in the wrong environment. We pay good money here in the states to ensure that our surgeons are qualified, our surgical suite is sterile and our surgery is done correctly. When compromising your price-point, you’re compromising how safe your procedure will be.

1.     Your Doctor May Not Be Qualified

When it comes to choosing the right doctor for any surgical procedure, you want to choose someone who is highly qualified and has years of experience behind them. When it comes to choosing a doctor overseas, it’s just not that easy to check those credentials. Each country has its own standards when it comes to performing surgical procedures and the qualifications you need to do so. While we have the American Board of Plastic Surgery that certifies your surgeon is, without a doubt, qualified and capable of performing your procedure, it’s hard to say that other countries have the same criteria.

2.     Risks Involved are Much Greater

Surgery puts you and your body in a very vulnerable position. When your body is put under anesthesia, has incisions being made into it, and is thrown into a new environment, it’s easy to succumb to some sort of complication or possible infection. It’s also extremely important that you’re closely monitored throughout your recovery with regular follow-up appointments to ensure your body is healing properly. Without proper sanitation of the operating room and a lack of follow-up appointments, it’s easy to say you’re putting your health at risk.

3.     No Follow-Up Visits

When you receive plastic surgery in a foreign country, it’s likely you will need to return to your home sooner rather than later. Being on such a time crunch does not allow much flexibility in terms of scheduling follow-up appointments. Follow-ups should be had several times in the weeks following your procedure to ensure you are healing properly and no infection has taken place. Without regular follow-up visits, you are putting yourself at an increased risk of complications post-surgery. Allowing yourself to see a doctor within your home country gives you the opportunity to stay safe and have multiple post-operative visits to ensure you achieve your desired results.

Next time you’re thinking about booking your next surgery, don’t plan for a vacation with it. Instead, consider someone in your area. If you live within Arizona and have been considering plastic surgery, contact us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Philpott. If you’re interested in receiving a consultation, but don’t have the ability to come to our office, feel free to take advantage of our online consultations. Perfect for out-of-town patients, our online consultations allow you the opportunity to meet with Dr. Philpott at your convenience.


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