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Plastic Surgery Trends for 2020

Injectables in Phoenix, AZNo matter who you are, you more than likely always want to be in the know. People are always looking for the latest and greatest trends, whether it’s through Instagram hashtags or listicles online. Today, we wanted to go over some of the most popular plastic surgery trends of 2020 so far, so you can be up-to-date on what’s to come for the second half of the year.

Injectables are More Accessible than Ever

Dermal fillers and injectables are on the rise! With life being busier and more unpredictable than ever before, patients want to know that they can get minimally invasive treatments done quickly, with immediate results and with minimal downtime or recovery. With advanced techniques that provide patients with a natural-looking and refreshed appearance, more and more people are coming in during their lunch break and days off to get the quick fix they desire from Botox®, Restylane® and more.

Think “Tweak” instead of “Treat”

Gone are the days of dramatic plastic surgery procedures that are obvious, disproportionate and unnatural. Innovative techniques and advanced procedure are giving natural-looking results and smaller enhancements more popularity with the younger generations. Doctors and patients alike are looking less towards looking like you’ve “gotten work done” and more like you’ve gotten small enhancements to complement your natural features.

Gender Inclusive Treatments – It’s the Man’s Turn

In a world of gender inclusivity, plastic surgery still has a reputation of being geared towards women and women only. But, it’s 2020! Men should be confident in their decision to enhance their appearance the same way a woman does. Dr. Philpott specializes in several male plastic surgery procedures that allow his patients to get the more chiseled, masculine appearance they desire.

Say Goodbye to Medical Tourism

Medical tourism, or the premise of traveling to foreign countries for a vacation and cheap plastic surgery, has been around for decades. However, with cosmetic procedures becoming more affordable within the U.S. and medical standards on the rise, patients are opting the get their procedures done at home and are saving their travels for actual vacations.

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