1. What are your business hours?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am until 5:30pm. For your convenience our offices can be reached by phone 7 days a week at 602-639-4338.


2. Is there a surgeon in my area?

We have one office in Scottsdale, Arizona and would love to have you visit us here. However, we also understand that that isn’t always possible. You may search for a cosmetic surgeon in your area at the American Academy of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery website.


3. How soon should I have my consultation before surgery?

You should come in for a consultation at least three weeks before you plan on having surgery in case we need to get a medical history on you. Also, since we have a busy practice, the sooner you come in the more likely you are to get a surgery booked on the day(s) you want. For liposuction and tummy tuck patients, it is recommended that you do not come in for consultation more than 3 months before your surgery date if you will be losing or gaining a significant amount of weight. Wait until you are at your the weight you want to be, before having your consultation.


4. Do you do Saturday consultations?

Our office is closed on the weekends but can be reached by phone 7 days a week at 602-639-4338 .


5. What hotels are near your office?

Click here to view a listing of hotels near our office that we have made special arrangements with.


6. What is the recovery time for my surgery?

Each surgery has different recovery periods. Detailed recovery information may be found at the bottom of the procedure’s page on this website. For instance, if you wanted breast augmentation recovery information you would go to: Breast Augmentation


7. What is the difference between general anesthesia, nurse sedation and local anesthesia?

Here at the Body Sculpting Center, we use general anesthesia; IV sedation; IM sedation; and local anesthesia. They are all methods for keeping patients comfortable during and after a procedure. We use local anesthetics on almost all of our procedures either alone or in combination with some form of sedation or a general anesthetic. For the smaller procedures such as mole removal and scar revision this may be the only medication given. Numbing medication is injected into the area to be operated on and this medication will last from 1-8 hours depending on the individual patient response to the local. Under general anesthesia, the patient has an IV in pre-op and receives medication through it. The patient is put completely asleep. During this time local medication is injected into the surgical area and the procedure is performed. When the surgery is completed, the patient is then allowed to wake up and recover in our surgical center. General anesthesia patients are required to have a caretaker for 24 hours following the operation. We also use IV (intravenous) or IM (intramuscular)sedation. With this type of sedation, the patient receives medication to keep them comfortable but arousable throughout the surgery and the local injections are performed just the same as for the general anesthesia cases. Patients receiving IV or IM sedation or a general anesthetic must have someone responsible to pick them up and sign for their follow-up instructions.


8. Are your doctors board certified?

Yes. Dr. Philpott is board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, the only board that exclusively certifies in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.


9. How long have you been in business?

Our office has been at this location since September 1996. Dr. Philpott has been practicing in the valley for over 25 years.


10. Who is a good candidate for cosmetic and plastic surgery?

Anyone that understands what they want and has realistic expectations. A consultation with our doctors can help you determine what kind of results are realistic and what the financial responsibility will be.