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Plastic Surgery in Chandler, AZ

Chin Implants Can Improve Your Appearance

The Body Sculpting Center can perform a number of different types of plastic surgery for residents of Chandler, AZ, and chin implants are among the most popular surgeries that are performed today. These implants can improve the physical appearance of both men and women, making the face appear more symmetrical, while also increasing self-esteem. Understanding how chin implants can positively change your facial features is the first step to making an informed decision about having the procedure.

Chin implants are a type of minimally invasive plastic surgery that involves the insertion of implants above the jawbone in a space that the surgeon will create. The incision is made just under the neck and will not be easy to see once it heals over. When the implants are put in, they will correct a weak or receding chin. The healing time for this procedure is about 14 days and, once the bruising heals, you will see a definite improvement in the contours of your lower face.

Residents of Chandler, AZ can take advantage of this type of facial reconstruction by calling The Body Sculpting Center today and asking for a free consultation. Our experienced surgeons can help you understand how these implants can improve the overall shape of your face and give you greater self-confidence, guaranteed.

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Written by Body New Medspa July 3, 2013